Dellner Woodville Seating Platform Components

Here at Dellner Woodville Limited we manufacture a range of furniture and automotive seating platform components. In 2013 we acquired the business from Kongsberg Automotive who had previously acquired it from Pirelli. Today using our continuous Roto Curing process, we are producing our trade marked Sisiara units, DW webbing and a range of inflatable lumber supports.

We have two Rotocures on site that give us the ability to process continuous lengths of material, combinations of fabrics and rubber can be incorporated together using this method. It can be tuned by adjusting the rubber type, fabric content and initial fitted tension to create firm, medium, or soft seating as required.

We have a collaborative approach to design and we work in conjunction with our customers to ensure that we develop a product that meets the challenges placed upon us.

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For the UK our furniture products are distributed through Handy Limited who also offer a range of ancillary components, to support one stop shopping.