Dellner Bubenzer Group acquires Silentbloc UK Ltd

Sweden’s Dellner Bubenzer Group has complemented its polymer engineering company Dellner Woodville Ltd with vibration control specialists Silentbloc UK Ltd, as part of the Group’s strategic drive to pursue growth and new opportunities for their polymer solutions business.

The new Dellner Polymer Solutions division incorporating Dellner Woodville and Silentbloc, will provide technologically advanced rubber fabrication and bonding solutions for a global market, particularly in the rail, industrial, defence, off-highway, oil and gas, mining, marine, power generation, chemical processing and furniture sectors.

Dellner Woodville and Silentbloc are based in the UK just five miles away from each other in Swadlincote and Burton on Trent respectively. The new Dellner Polymer Solutions division, incorporating Dellner Woodville and Silentbloc, will have its headquarters in Burton on Trent. The division will employ approximately 45 people.

Marcus Åberg, CEO of the Dellner Bubenzer Group, said: “With Dellner Woodville’s pedigree in polymer fabrication and Silentbloc’s expertise in rubber to metal bonding, this is the perfect partnership for us. The two companies are geographically close and also share a strong focus on technological innovation and excellent customer service. We are delighted to welcome Silentbloc to the fast expanding Dellner Bubenzer Group.

Mr Åberg also reveals that, in parallel to the acquisition of Silentbloc, Dellner has recruited a new CEO to Dellner Polymer Solutions who will come on board no later than Q2 2020. Until then, Frank Walsh will continue as Managing Director for Silientbloc and Gary Shuttleworth as Managing Director for Dellner Woodville.

“This partnership is great news for Dellner Woodville and is an important step forward in our strategic growth plans,” said Mr Shuttleworth. “We are bringing together two technologically outstanding companies and I am looking forward to presenting an enhanced, streamlined offering for our customers.”
Craig Harris who is CEO of Silentbloc’s former parent company Crosslink Technology Holdings, said: “We’ve been talking to Dellner about a closer working relationship for some time and I’m really pleased that Silentbloc is now joining the Dellner family. Both companies have a good name and strong history within the rail industry, which is a core market for Silentbloc, and this merger presents significant opportunities for future development.”

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