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Dellner Woodville Today

In 2009 The Company was acquired by the Dellner Group, a privately owned Swedish engineering firm whose roots lie within the rail industry. Today, the Dellner Group employs almost 700 people around the world with production centres or sales offices in almost every area around the globe. Our current production facility in the UK manufactures a diverse range of products incorporating safety critical and high performance products. Our expertise lies in processing and the fabrication of engineered textile laminates. At Dellner Woodville we are able to process your requirements from concept to completion, having in-house facilities for design and development, materials technology for bespoke requirements, materials testing and a variety of processing techniques. Customer service is key to almost everything we do at Dellner Woodville and we take pride in the fact that some of our customers have become long-term partners, many of whom we have supplied for decades.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

Through excellence of service to our customers provide highly innovated polymer engineered solutions.

Our vision

By constantly developing and increasing the competence and capabilities within our company, we intend to be a ‘Polymer Centre of Excellence’ and first choice for all of our customers.

Our Heritage

Since 1948, Dellner Woodville has been at the forefront of Rubber Technology. From our humble beginnings employing a handful of people producing rubber soles for footwear, Dellner Woodville has grown to become a global supplier of Engineered Polymer Solutions supplying market leading customers with safety critical Polymer based components, composite materials and flexible fabrications worldwide.

Meet our Dellner Family

As part of the Dellner Group, we operate on a global basis supplying customers throughout the world. Dellner have locations in Sweden, USA, Australia, China, Italy, Poland, France, Germany, India and our manufacturing facility in Swadlincote in The United Kingdom – we are truly a global provider of Technical Polymer Solutions.

Our priorities are the same as the rest of the Dellner Group:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Delivery
  • Cost